How I began living an uncluttered life with children while homeschooling

You see I was the mom always getting to the end of the day feeling exhausted and unaccomplished. I had used the reasoning “fed and alive is all that matters.” for too long and I wanted to start having more time in my day to do the things I wanted to do. Cleaning up all day long was not on my list of enjoyable memories I wanted my children to have of me.

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My kids were doing great, walking, talking, knowing all the right things at the right time. But they weren’t getting the mom that was ready to do things. I was split between cleaning, teaching them and trying to get a children’s book illustrated and published (my dream). And I was trying to do it all at once but felt like I was just running in circles. I could go on and on about that but I’m sure you know what I mean. I was a mess emotionally and physically and getting worse.

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There was one particular moment where I truly had enough. I grabbed a trash bag and a box. The bag was for things that should be thrown out and the box was for donation.

I had ripped the bandage off really fast. It felt great. The one box turned into boxes and the single trash bag totally had friends. That felt really great. I stood in my house and could breathe. The best part was how long that feeling stuck around. I was happy to discover that the feeling didn’t disappear the next morning and then a week later it all still felt good. The house felt good and was still looking good, most of it still looked good. The part that was interesting to me was that although it wasn’t perfect any longer I didn’t feel as anxious as I normally would.

It’s funny how you don’t realize something is a problem until you are either missing it or have light shined on it. Apparently clutter triggers a bit of anxiety in me (my husband is rolling his eyes and laughing at my use of the word “bit”) and that then turns into a short temper and chaotic home. Now the only loud ones are the people currently under the age of 5 in my home.

About 2 weeks after that initial clean out I did start to see places that I could improve. There were areas of the house that had too much, bookcases that were over stuffed and an over abundance of toys.

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It was at that moment that I knew I needed to do another big uncluttering day but it also made me think that I needed something to help with daily upkeep. And so the Declutter Daily Planner was born. It doesn’t have a fancy shiny sparkling glitter type name but it says exactly was it is. Bare – Daily Life Simplified – 2018/2019 a declutter planner.

I loved the initial feeling of being clutter free and how smoothly the day would go but that feeling would fade. And the only reason it was fading was because I thought it was a once and done type thing. So with Daily Prompts and simple 10 minute tasks I was able to keep up with a minimal amount of cleaning and return to that blissful place.

Is my house perfect? No, we live here. Food gets cooked, baths for 4 kids happen. But it all exists in a minimal state. The dishes might pile for a day however there are only 4 bowls and 4 plates to deal with. There aren’t endless amounts of cups. The laundry pile is still a pile – but it’s only one pile per week. Because I had less in the house to physically take care of I had more time to spend on the kids and on my creative business.

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Minimalism doesn’t have to be black and white, it doesn’t have to be monochromatic. And it doesn’t have to mean empty rooms and no personality. But what it can mean is a day full of time to do more instead of a day spent taking care of a house full.

Finding your blissful place in your home is possible. You can ABSOLUTELY find peace in your home, with kids, while homeschooling. You can truly be a creative crafty person but still have a minimalist home. Will it take some work and effort on your part? Yes. Can you do it? Absolutely. And if you need a little help, a slight nudge or gentle reminder the Bare – Daily Life Simplified – planner can be that for you.

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