Hello, I’m Tehlia.

A mom to 4 children that are 4 years old and under. My house is loud, very very loud. I am also a wife, 17 years and counting, who easily drives my husband crazy. We laugh a lot.

My creative worlds all collided while pregnant with baby #4. I was doodling chickens for my older 2, creating printable planners and moving from one tiny house to another.

Shortly after #4 was born my doodles were turning into a children’s book, my printable planners started to simplify and the tiny farm house move in prompted a clean out-declutter-minimalist take over.

Somehow adding a fourth child to our bunch was all it took to gain clarity in my life and business. It didn’t happen instantly. I was in a fog for the first 3 months but when it cleared, with support, I got to work.

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I was craving order, ease, simple things and time.

The planners I had been creating were taking on the same pattern. Watercolor flowers and frills were getting replaced with space.

My home was simplifying too. The few toys we had were a breeze to clean up. Laundry was easier, dishes were few and surfaces weren’t collecting things.

At first my drawings were whipped up fast to help teach my children their colors, numbers and shapes. After I decluttered our home I was able to refine the doodles, adding detail but leaving them simple.

Because I was able to simplify our home, I gained more time. Time to create and time to homeschool my children, instead of time spent cleaning. Then I gained even more time to pull together a website and share what I have created with you.

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My hope is that I can share with you ways to reach your goals and enjoy the life you are creating. Whether it’s through simplifying your home, reading books to your children, or planning your next steps towards a great year – it’s all doable.

What you can find on the site?

  • Bare printables – planners, declutter, goal – lists and tips. planner inserts.
  • inspirational quotes – to place in your planner or framed and on a wall.
  • simple illustrations placed on home decor & accessories to brighten everyone’s day.
  • Ways to declutter your home and get back to living in it not just cleaning it.
  • Homeschooling in a minimalist fashion
  • Coming Soon – children’s coloring pages with learning included and examples of a minimalist homeschool day.
  • Coming Soon – The Silly Chickens children’s books
  • Coming Soon – Bare – Daily Life Simplified – a decluttering planner

And finally I hope you find that living simply can be easy. It doesn’t involving throwing out everything you own, painting your walls white and sitting on the floor. It does mean having a plan and putting in a little work.

more time with kids and business

You can take small steps now that will give you immediate results, improving your day and your creative flow. Yes creative crafty folks can become minimalists. Not to mention the time you’ll gain back in your day because you are constantly picking up they same – shirt, socks, toys, papers…

I would love to send you updates on new planners, free printables you can download then print and tips on how decluttering your home can give you more time in your day.

This month I have a free printable daily planner page that has just enough detail combined with empty space for you to fill in exactly how you like. Sign up to receive emails below.

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